The ManTa language
  • The first version of this language is described in Chapter 6 of book "Verificación y Desarrollo de Programas" [Car93]. . There is available a presentation in Power Point 4.0 (.ppt ~150K) written by professor Rodrigo Cardoso.   This version of the language was used for all the ManTa systems until 1997 (versions 1.0 to 3.0).
  • In 1998 and 1999 the grammar and theoretical bases of the language were revised with the help of: Klaus Madlener, Rodrigo Cardoso and Vladimir Támara.  The results are consigned in the Formal description of ManTa 3. This version of the language (called ManTa 3) is the base for the most recent implementations of the ManTa System.
  • The denotational semantics of ManTa 3 is based on a paper of U. Kühler and C.P. Wirth "Conditional Equational Specifications of Data Types with Partial Operations for Inductive Theorem Proving". This paper as postscript, only for educational purposes has been published here
The ManTa System
  • ManTa 2: [Ruiz90] handling of types and language, [Munoz92] Theorem prover and Code Generation in C.
  • ManTa 3.0: [Aponte95] Interface and Kernel disection. Emacs Interface
  • ManTa 3.1: [Tamara97] & [Tamara99] Theoretical bases, independence of platform, second reengeniering of sources.



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