ManTa Project - History and Future

A formal metodology for algebraic specification of ADTs (Abstract Data Types) was developed during 80's in the Universidad de los Andes.  This work has derived in a formal language and a system to support the language.


Implementation History

This is the chronology of the development of the project, along with the implementators:
Year Autor Development
1980-1985 Prof. Rodrigo Cardoso (U. Andes) Definition of first ManTa language and methodology
1985 Marcela Rodríguez (U. Andes) Tool for ADT's edition
1987 Roberto Barón (U. Andes) ADT development enviroment, theorem prover
1988 Ricardo Espinel (U. Andes) LISP code generator
1989 Silvia Takahashi (U. Andes) ManTa 1 enviroment 
1990 Carolina Ruiz (U. Andes) ManTa 2 enviroment . ADT Handling
1992 Cesar Muñoz (U. Andes) Theorem prover and C code generator
1995 Hernán Aponte (U. Andes) v3.0. New interface and interaction with GNU EMACS
1996 Alvaro Gonzales (U. Andes) Partial implementation of a GUI in Tcl/Tk.
1997-2001 Vladimir Támara (U. Andes, U. Kaiserslautern) v3.1. Stable and portable system that supports ManTa 3 language. OCaml Code Generator.
1998-1999 Vladimir Támara Prof. Klaus Madlener (U. Kaiserslautern)
Prof. Rodrigo Cardoso
Specification of ManTa 3 language
2000 Gabriel Leyva (U. San Martin) Partial implementation of a Java code generator
2001 Felipe Trujillo (U. Andes) Lemmas in theorem prover.

ManTa's WEB Site

Since 1997 the ManTa's Web site is working. The people that have helped is shown below
Work Done
Erick L. Rojas Initial english translation
1997-2001 Vladimir Támara Patiño Maintainer

Current State and Future Plans

To continue ManTa's development we've planned and followed a SDP (Software Development Process).
Version Characteristics State
3.1 Platform independent. First stable and usable version. Supports the ManTa 3 language. Implementation (Beta version).
3.2 Re-engeneering to kernel 3.1. GUI Implementation (Alpha version)
3.3 Bootstrap in OCaml
3.4 Bootstrap in Java

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