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Updates to the theoretical bases for ManTa 3.1
The denotational semantics completely rewritten, some important changes in operational semantics and in static semantics. Check the formal description of ManTa 3.1
Theoretical bases for ManTa 3.1
Finally, we have identified, agreed and writen theoretical bases for ManTa 3.1. They are described in a formal description of ManTa 3.1
Version 3.1 Beta 3 released 
Version 3.1 beta 3 available. It has many changes (including theoretical ones). There are sources and binaries for some platforms.
ManTa Seminar 
16/Feb/1998 - 23/Mar/1998 
It was organized in "La Universidad de los Andes"  by professor Rodrigo Cardoso.  The professor Klaus Madlener from the Kaiserlauter University (Germany) visited us and he  participated in this seminar.  He  gave us valuable suggestions and guidelines.

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